Will Baggett

Will Baggett, founder and Chief Development Officer at Emergent Executives LLC, is widely regarded as one of the top presenters in the country. Baggett’s passion for developing young professionals spans across his eight-year career as a sports performance coach and administrator. In 2016, he published a bestselling guide for young professionals entitled, The Blueprint for a Successful Career.

In 2017, he followed up with the launch of the Executive Image workshop, a nationally-recognized interactive training program focusing on the ABC’s of professional presence. Will is also credited with organizing the inaugural Texas Regional Sports Summit, an annual series of events in Dallas, Texas, focusing on experiential professional development opportunities for young professionals and mid-level administrators. 

A Mississippi native, Will earned a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Ole Miss and a Master’s in Sport Management from Baylor University. He is the founder of the Baylor Sport Management Association and was named the 2013-14 Outstanding Graduate during his final year of study.