Strategic Academic
Support Analysis

The role of Higher Education is constantly changing based on a variety of both internal and external factors. Internally, students and faculty alike are faced with the challenge of retention and timely graduation while still providing a forward-facing, engaged academic approach. Externally, Higher Education faces new challenges from the globalization of education and the opportunities that advancements in technology have created. These variables have provided an unprecedented opportunity for universities to rethink the educational opportunities on their campuses for their staff, faculty and student body.

The Brooks Element, through Strategic Academic Support Analysis, evaluates the key drivers for campus programming aimed at student success. The analysis is intended to assist institutions with proactively identifying opportunities for improvement by ensuring the appropriate written policies, procedures, education and monitoring systems are in place as it relates to academic support functions. The end goal is to provide an organized Institutional Support Analysis which will provide a summary of strengths and potential opportunities for future growth and student success. Our team will identify the Key Drivers at the institutional level that can be leveraged to provide future growth through analysis and support.

Student Success, Retention & Graduation

Student success, retention and timely graduation are three metrics institutions use to measure effectiveness and overall success. The Brooks Element will evaluate the support programs surrounding these areas including, but not limited to; academic advising, academic coaching, major selection, mentoring, career development, early alert opportunities, first-year experience programming, evaluation of gateway course work, organizational structure, streamlining communication and facilities.

Academic Support for At-Risk Populations

Once identified, the at-risk student population can significantly affect the metrics institutions are measured on. The Brooks Element will provide institutions with the tools and trainings necessary to provide tailored support to assist in the development of at-risk students with the end goal to create independent and lifelong learners.

Financial Aid Opportunities for Students

The lack of financial support is a leading cause for students to drop out of their institution.  The Brooks Element will provide strategies for a centralized financial aid communication matrix between internal units to ensure students have access to, and information on, all relevant financial opportunities to assist in their retention.  The Brooks Element will also provide strategies on financial literacy to ensure students understand the impact of their financial decisions and how to allocate their financial resources to their benefit.