Nico Darras

Nico Darras was a high school All-American baseball player and collegiate standout. While attending the University of Connecticut on a baseball scholarship, Nico majored in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies. He was also selected as the sole student-athlete representative to help create a bystander intervention and sexual assault prevention program at UConn.

After a career ending injury one month before the major league draft, Nico made the decision to attend graduate school at the University of San Diego. He accepted the Deans scholarship to continue his extensive research on men and masculinities and wrote his master’s thesis on the link between elite male athletes and sexual violence. Realizing the necessity for a training program designed by an athlete, specifically for athletes, Nico created AND ME Consulting, the most cutting edge sexual and gender-based crime prevention training program in the nation. AND ME is a proven customizable training program with culture changing results.

Nico has worked with NFL, NBA, MLB players and collegiate teams across the country educating men about sexual violence. As a former Division I male student-athlete, Nico understands the unique challenges that elite male athletes face in the current environment. Talking about sexual assault and rape with a group of young men can prove challenging, which is why Nico personally facilitates every session. As an academic and researcher, he can answer tough questions and create meaningful dialogue around a uniquely challenging subject. His goal is to stop the epidemic of sexual assault, domestic violence, sexual harassment and rape. Nico strives to teach positive masculinity and to join in the fight to end sexual violence.